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Welcome to MTR 2013

General Ride Information
MTR 2013
Greene County, OH

Welcome to Midwest Tandem Rally 2013!
All of our routes will be in Greene County and the southern portion of Clark County, riding through the cities, towns and villages of Fairborn, Beavercreek, Yellow Springs, Clifton, Xenia, Bellbrook, Cedarville, South Charleston and Enon. This area of Ohio consists of gentle rolling hills with elevations in the 800- and 900-foot range.
We will provide two routes for the traditional Ice Cream Ride. We will leave it up to you to choose the One-Scoop or Two-Scoop ride. The One-Scoop Ride is closer to the hotels for those who arrive later and still want to get a ride in before dark. The Two-Scoop Ride will allow you to enjoy those two scoops of your favorite frozen treat!
The starts both Saturday and Sunday are mass starts from Wright State University's Nutter Center.

UPDATE: There will be a remote start location on Saturday. This remote start is a new addition as of July 2013. The remote start is 29.5 miles and the start and end of the route will be Young's Dairy. There is 123 feet of elevation change on this route.

The Nutter Center is a short distance from the host hotel, the Holiday Inn, as well as the other hotels. There is plenty of parking available at the Nutter Center for those who choose to drive there for the mass start.
The Nutter Center is located on a road that is very busy on a normal workday. Even though we will be riding on a holiday weekend and the traffic will be much lighter, as the ride begins we will have police present to help us safely exit the city limits.
The routes planned for Saturday are 35, 50, 62 and 100 miles. The majority of the route is on roads, with short portions on bikeways. If you choose to ride the bikeways instead of following a particular route, the Saturday lunch stop at Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs is within easy reach of the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Young’s has a shelter that seats 800, so there is plenty of room to relax and catch up with old friends and meet new friends. If you choose, enjoy some of the activities Young’s has to offer before or after lunch. See for more information.
Sunday’s routes are 35, 50 and 62 miles to allow people plenty of time to get ready for the MTR Banquet. If you would like to add more miles to your Sunday ride, this can easily be accomplished by adding loops to the planned routes. Sunday’s lunch at the Greene County Fairground (inside an air-conditioned building) can easily be reached should you choose to ride the Little Miami Scenic Trail instead of following a particular route.  
There will be SAG support on all planned routes Saturday and Sunday. All participants are expected to be prepared to finish the rides they choose, have their bikes in good mechanical condition and carry the tools they need for basic minor repairs. Mechanical assistance will be available at the mass start each day as well as the lunch stops.
Monday morning you can enjoy breakfast at one of the many restaurants close to the hotels. For those of you who want to ride to breakfast, we will provide a straight route to and from Young’s Golden Jersey Inn, where you can enjoy breakfast and a leisurely ride back.
If you have time before heading home, we encourage everyone to either ride or drive to one of many park-and-ride locations and enjoy the fantastic bikeways this area has to offer.
As we get closer to the rally, more detailed route information will be posted.

Preliminary Routes

Street Maps


The cue sheets shown with the GPS maps may not provide all road names accurately even though the course itself is accurate. Accurate cue sheets will be provided in the packet received at registration.

GPS and Cue Sheets

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